The library is being expanded in the coming weeks.

All donations to the library are welcome.

To loan a book simply email our librarian Sean ( and inform him of the book you’d like to take out. Sean will arrange a time/place to obtain the book.

1. All books must be returned two weeks after the date of borrowing, except books borrowed 13 days before commencement of Christmas Break. In the latter case books must be returned at the end of first week of the following term. All books borrowed must be returned by the last day of the fourth week of examinations.

2. A fine of €0.50 will be imposed for each academic day or part thereof that a book is overdue. This will be subject to a maximum of the replacement value of the text.

3. Not more than 3 texts may be borrowed from the library by any one person at the same time, except at the Librarian’s discretion.

4. If a text is lost or damaged while out on loan, then the borrower must pay for the repair or replacement of the text with an equivalent copy.

5.Any person who is indebted to the society, by failing to pay monies due under the Constitution, or due as a result of Constitutional actions, of an officer, shall not be eligible to stand for any office, for Council or any committee, and shall not be eligible to vote in any elections, while his/her debt is unpaid.

Any member offending against Library rules shall be liable to a fine of €1.00 imposed by the Council. (in addition to late/repair fees etc.)


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