Who makes everything happen? Here they are!



Luke Corcoran

Luke, the head honcho, the big kahuna, Our Glorious, punctual Leader manages the society, delegates work to committee members and chairs our meetings.








Eoin Brennan

Eoin, treasurer, is our in house finance

guru. He makes sure we have enough money to keep the wine flowing at receptions, prevents the many attempts to embezzle funds and makes us sound great to the CSC when applying for funding for special events.




Elle Loughran

Elle is the name you’ll probably come to know from the sign off on our weekly emails. She is also in charge of taking the ever important minutes and maintaining focus during committee meetings.




Trip Adviser

Eimear Kelly

As trip adviser, Eimear is in charge of organising this year’s trip. Once somewhere has been deemed fun and physicsy enough to be honoured by our stay she’ll ensure we have somewhere to sleep once we arrive. Booking.com? Booking.Eimear!






Conor Murphy

Conor is the public relations officer. He acts as the contact between the society, many guest speakers and the outside world. He informs people about events through the amazing posters you see around college and is in charge of our social media presence.







Sean Mahon 

Yes. Physoc has both a library and a librarian. Sean is the go-to-guy for both. The ever expanding collection has everything from old physics magazines that advertise 1mb computers to popular fiction and even a religious text or two. He’s also our quiz-master in residence. If you’re looking for a good puzzle, Sean’s your man!





Aisling Bergin

Aisling is the webmaster and editor of this glorious site you see before you. If you spot any problems and she looks like she’s had a coffee, let her know!




Josh McMahon

Josh is our IOP Rep. His job is to liaise with the Institute Of Physics and to organise the freebies that many of you would have received during Fresher’s Week. He’s also working on a conference for this year, keep your eyes peeled for a chance to help him out!


Honorary Contrarian

Yvonne Ryan

Yvonne’s job is to criticise the committee. To paraphrase Elbert Hubbard, “the best way to avoid criticism is to say nothing, do nothing, be nothing”, so she should have her work cut out for her this year!




First Year Rep


Darragh Buckley

The keen first member of Physoc this year, Darragh is the young blood that Physoc needs.  Keeping all of his class mates up to date with events and goings on of the society in general, helping out with committee organisation and upholding the tradition of great leaders before him, Darragh didn’t think that 1st year TP was enough to keep him busy!





Post Grad Rep

Killian Walshe

Long time member of the society, Killian is our voice among graduate students when he can get time away from the lab!




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