Who makes everything happen? Here they are!




Jessica Weitbrecht

Jess, Our Glorious Leader manages the society, delegates work to committee members and chairs our meetings.





Maeve (A) Madigan

Maeve (A) is our treasurer and the original Maeve, making sure we have enough money to keep the wine flowing at events and preventing the many attempts to embezzle funds.





Katarzyna Siewierska

Katarzyna is the person who has been sending you all the weekly e-mails which most people seem to only read for the joke at the end. She is also in charge of taking the ever important minutes during meetings



Trip Advisor13062220_1231766420190829_2332751854269914249_n.jpg

Eoin Brennan

As trip advisor, Eoin is in charge of organising this year’s trip abroad and ensuring we have somewhere to stay once we arrive.





Yvonne Ryan
Yvonne is our PRO, and photographer in residence. She is the contact between the society and our many guest speakers as well as informing people about events through the amazing posters you see around college.




Luke Corcoran

Yes. Physoc has both a library and a librarian. Luke is the go-to-guy for both. The ever expanding collection has everything from old physics magazines that advertise 1mb computers to popular fiction and even a religious text or two.



Joe Davis

Joe is the webmaster and editor of this glorious site you see before you.



IOP Rep: 12977087_1106912462704165_2308591455367673727_o

Meadhbh (1) Murphy

Meadhbh (1), the new one, is our IOP Rep. Her job is to liaise with the Institute Of Physics and to organise the freebies that many of you would have received during Fresher’s Week.

Honorary Contrarian: Danny

Danny Bennett

Danny’s job is to criticise the committee’s decisions. It’d be nicer if he didn’t.

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